I Love You Goodbye

I Love You Goodbye is a Filipino movie starring Angelica Panganiban (as Lizelle Jimenez), Derek Ramsay (as Gary Angeles), Kim Chiu (Ysa Benitez) and Gabby Concepcion (Adrian Benitez). It was produced by Star Cinema in 2009. The movie was shown in selected cities in the US in January 2010 through ABS-CBN International. Due to its top rankings, it was one of the most popular romantic-drama films from Star Cinema. In the movie, Adrian Benitez showers Lizelle Jimenez with abundant love and affection. But Ysa, who is Adrian’s daughter from the previous marriage, does not show compassion for her and hates her. This makes Lizelle to feel unwanted and desperate for true happiness, acceptance and freedom. A seductive photographer known as Gary Angeles offers her the comfort she is yearning for by offering her total freedom and happiness. But ultimately, she must make a choice between Adrian who loves her or Gary who offers her freedom.

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