Say That You Love Me

Mark Herras and Jennylyn Mercado star as Stephen and Kristine, two other people whose romantic destinies were entwined having a message inside a bottle tossed in to the ocean with a sad young girl ten years ago. Stephen’s the kind of guy who, whenever he’s near a woman he likes, stutters uncontrollably. Kristine, however, is really a spunky girl – presently unemployed – who’s didn’t have an issue indicating herself and saying what’s on her behalf mind. Stephen’s family is the owner of and runs a small company.

Stephen’s father Gabriel (Joel Torre) hasn’t retrieved in the depression he felt when his wife died, and conveys together with his boy using publish-it notes. Kristine comes from a damaged home, willing and able to convince her separated parents Mabel (Jean Garcia) and Roman (Tonton Gutierrez) that she’s responsible and wise enough to land a great job. What goes on when Stephen and Kristine meet and clash is really a funny but ultimately sigh-inducing adventure in youthful romance. ‘Say that you simply Love Me’ is a existence-re-inifocing story you’ll wish to experince over and over.

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